On Green Dolphin Street

Trends, trends, trends. The start of a new year kicks off internet breaking discussions about trends in EVERYTHING. Most come and go, but some stick around for a while.  I’m keeping track of what’s on the cards for interiors in 2017, and for now there’s one trend I’m particularly on board with. The emergence of green – veering towards emerald, jade and teal. The darker the shade gets, the more I’m on board with it. Deep greens are sexy, smoky and interesting; they are anything but bland. Hello 2017, we’re off to a solid start.

Images: www.pinterest.com

You’re going to see these deep green’s pop up everywhere, similar to how greys and deep blues did in previous years.  If you’re ready to go for it head first, you’re going to be thinking about paint colours. I say this – commit to it. If you’re going there, go with your lipstick and heels on. Do not be halfhearted about it. These colours are dramatic and moody, and the results can be equally so.

Green velvet is going to take centre stage, on sofas, chairs and headboards. For months now green velvet sofas have been popping up in my social media feeds, so they don’t feel new as such.  They do feel aspirational though. I don’t know how I’d fare with keeping a velvet couch clean, but damn it, they look so good.

Bathrooms and kitchens are also going to see this colour trend come their way, in the form of tiles.  In particular lots of green subway tiles are coming to the surface.  I’m also seeing a lot of green kitchen cabinetry at the moment, but I’m not quite on board with that just yet. I need to do a little more hunting for versions of green kitchens that seduce me.  If you come across any gems, please send photos my way!

Image: www.susannavento.fi
Image: www.johnjacobinteriors.com
Image: www.sadolin.dk
Image: www.estliving.com
Image: https://www.marie-stella-maris.com

Obviously the emergence of dark green is not the only trend to hit interiors in 2017.  There are buckets of them.  But you can’t go squeezing every new trend into the mix together, or you end up with a space that looks like it’s got a personality disorder. So, one at a time, and I’ll be keeping you updated on other trends over the next few months.

Happy new year folks, here’s to a year of interesting colour and life choices ahead!

S&O x