Scandinavian Sunday

Whether you’re referring to interiors or fashion, ask someone what their “style” is and you may see a slight wave of panic sweep across their face. We find it so hard to define what we like aesthetically. I’ve stopped trying to label my style. Mostly because I don’t want to restrict myself. However there is one consistent trait in my aesthetic. I have a full on appreciation for the simplicity of a clean line.

No surprise then that I’m drawn to Scandinavian design. Clean lines and simplicity, done really well. One brand in particular has been catching my eye, the Danish company FERM LIVING. I have always kept an eye on what they’ve been doing online, but I’ve been coming across their products in so many stores since I moved to the US. Huset on Abbot Kinney (LA), Lawson Fenning on Melrose Ave (LA) and Prism in Ballard (Seattle).  These stores must see the same quality of design as I do in FERM LIVING products.

You can totally commit to the Scandinavian aesthetic, creating an airy, minimalist space with lots of natural light, but the beauty of this aesthetic is that you can also blend it so well with other styles.  It naturally compliments so much because of the excellent design of products. This week I’m sharing my top picks from FERM LIVING, which can be easily incorporated into any space.

Textiles. Think graphic prints.

1. Black Mini Stick Cushion 2. Cut Cushion – Off White 3. Spear Cushion 4. Mountain Cushion
Remix Blanket – Grey

Lighting.  Think minimalist with a pastel palette.

Socket Pendant High – Dark Blue
Socket Pendant Low – Rose

Storage.  Think display worthy practicality.

1. Grid Laundry Basket 2. Wire Basket (Large) – Petrol 3. Wire Basket (Large) – Rose 4. Triangle Laundry Basket

Green Living.  Think anything but round.

1. Hexagon Vase – Rose 2. Hexagon Pot Extra Large – Brass 3. Hexagon Pot Large – Dusty Green 4. Plant Box – Ochre

Furniture.  Think basics with a colour twist.

Herman Stool – Light Grey / Ochre
Herman Stool – Dusty Blue

I get an immediate sense of calm from spaces that are true to the Scandinavian aesthetic.  It’s the simplicity that does it. Connect with me on Instagram (@squareandoval) and direct me to your Scandinavian inspired spaces using the #scandinaviansunday hashtag.  I’d love to see your take on this style!

S&O x