Pulling a design together for a room can get put on the long finger because of one question. Where do I bloody start? I’ve been there.  Plenty of times. But here’s the thing, you can start with anything. A piece of furniture, a rug, a layout you want, a lighting scheme you’ve fallen for. Anything. There is no right or wrong way to kick it off.

If you’re still ‘brick wall in front of you’ stuck, try starting with a colour palette. There is inspiration everywhere. Think about what colours you’re drawn to when you shop for clothes, when you buy flowers, even when you’re in the fruit and vegetable section of the supermarket.  Remember that your colour scheme doesn’t have to come from an image of an interior space you’ve seen. There are loads of other sources.  Fashion. Art. Nature. Packaging. Colour is colour.  And it travels in its glorious way though all these mediums.

This week I’ve pulled some sample colour palettes coming from sources like product packaging, tabletop styling, art and everyday living.  Once you start thinking about colour being everywhere, you’ll be surprised what your eyes will start to hone in on.  You’ll also get lots of inspiration from two particular websites I’ve used in this post: and  Check them out!


There are of course lots of references to Autumn (Fall in these parts) in social media feeds at the moment, but it really doesn’t feel like my usual October here in LA. I now understand what people mean when they say California doesn’t do seasons.   However when I went to pull a sample colour palette together this week, it seemed that Autumn had hopped, skipped and jumped right into my subconscious because I totally went for an autumnal mix. I pulled a fashion and interior image together, and from there landed on a palette of four colours.

Images: &

It’s as easy as that. Pinterest is of course your friend here again. Bazillions of images to pull from so you can bring together a colour scheme that works for you. So, the answer to the question “Where do I start?” Wherever you want, but colour palettes might just be your game changer.

S&O x