Hot Kisses, Cold Tiles

Everything is cyclical. We don’t think so at the time but everything is. Those gold hoop earrings I wear as part of my life uniform these days? I’m sure I’ll look back at photographs in a few years and laugh at myself for wearing them. I will then most likely be back wanting to wear them again a few years beyond that, only to find that I’m too old to pull it off at that stage. I’m therefore enjoying my gold hoop earrings for now. I’m just short of wearing them to bed.

My grandmother had the most amazing tiled hallway in her house. I never liked it growing up. What I wouldn’t do now to go back to that house and have a look at those tiles to satisfy my curiosity for tile inspiration. You see? Everything is cyclical. That house has now moved on to new owners. I wonder if they came full circle and saw those tiles as a unique feature or if they decided to rip them up. I hope they kept them, and instead used a substantial amount of white paint to update the hallway.

Tiles are versatile. Use them on walls or floors or counter sides. I see them as art. Another way to bring pattern and colour to a space. But beyond the visual I also love how tiles feel under bare feet. They awaken the senses from the toes up. A tile company called Clé has been popping up on my Instagram feed over the past month, which brought me to their website, which made me fall in love with their products. I’m sharing a few of my favourites from their product range this week.

For the purist who loves a single coloured tile but likes variety in shape, this look from will be appealing.  You are spoilt for choice with these types of tiles from Clé.  I’m really impressed by their colour selection.  My favourites for the purists amongst you are below.

Image –
Cement Tile – Solid Celadon
Cement Tile – Solid Mocha
Cement Tile – Solid Federal Blue

If you can’t resist a geometric shape or a clean line then this image from will be screaming “YES” as soon as you see it. My top picks for all things geometric are below.

Image –
Cement Tile – Dream Catcher
Cement Tile – Zenith
Cement Tile – Diamond Twist

The tiles in my grandmother’s hallway were traditional in style, which wouldn’t quite be my thing, and which is why I probably didn’t appreciate them growing up.  That said, I now adore the detail in traditional style tiles and love when they are combined with modern textures like concrete as seen in this image from  I would 100% feature a tile like this in my living space now.  My favourite options for a traditional style tile from Clé are below.

Image –
Cement Tile – Cross
Cement Tile – Four Leaf Clover
Cement Tile – Paris Bistro

Then there will be those of you who want to make a statement with your tiles like in this image from Something a little abstract, or something with strong colour.  Something beyond our traditional assumption of what a tile looks like. If that’s you, then you are in for a treat with Clé.  They feature a number of amazing artists’ tiles. Even if this isn’t your normal style please take a look. I’m teasing you with only three options below (there are so many more gorgeous finds in this section of the website!).

Image –
Timorous Beasties – Rorshach – Splitter Splatter Damask
Deborah Osburn – Malachite
Sarah And Ruby – Cement Tile – Pattern 4

It can be difficult to visualise what tiles will look like on a large surface. Clé have addressed this by providing a Design Your Room feature on their website. It’s a really helpful tool when deciding what to purchase.  It’s also really helpful to view other completed projects using your chosen tile. Pinterest will help you out there.

The wonderful Emily Henderson is also loving Clé tiles at the moment.  For some further inspiration check out her Instagram Stories (@em_henderson) and you can see how she’s using Clé tiles in her current home renovation project.  I’m excited to see what she does!

Finally, give Fergus Brown a listen on Spotify.  Along with Clé tiles, I am loving his song title (stolen as my blog title) this week. Hot Kisses, Cold Tiles.

S&O x