I’m not a Mamma, but I have plenty of friends who are, or who are soon-to-be Mammas. Parents of young children must have some form of super power – they manage to do so much in a day, and I’ve no idea how. What DO they eat for breakfast? Buckets of coffee I imagine.

While I’m significantly underqualified to comment on anything baby related because I don’t have one, I do have some ideas about designing nurseries.  This cosy little room is where baby will spend lots of hours sleeping (you would hope), but also feeding, playing and bonding with parents.  That makes it an important room. So if you have a pending baby arrival here are some simple tips for making a nursery space work.

The nursery needs to be practical, so layout is key. Make sure you’ve got room for all the things you need so that the room can be self-contained for sleeping, changing, feeding and playing.

Putting a nursery together is like getting a permission slip to have some fun with interiors. You can do things with this room that you are unlikely to do with any other room in your home. So knock yourself out and get creative with wallpaper, art and accessories.

Most importantly let your own style be part of the design process and don’t feel like you have to buy every item for a nursery in a children’s furniture store. Yes the room needs to be child friendly, but if you like wallpaper with bold prints, Persian rugs, midcentury cradenzas or Eames rocking chairs, bring them into the room. It will make for some interesting design results, and along with making the room feel familiar to you, it will flow really well with the rest of your home.


I’m not sure if a parent or parent to be even gets time to think about putting a nursery together, but hey, it’s worth a few hours spent on Pinterest at least right?! Sending love and good vibes to all my 2017 Mamma-to-be friends out there (you too Beyoncé, you too). But please ladies…leave some coffee for the rest of us!

S&O x

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