There are plenty of design reasons to use mirrors. They make a space feel bigger, they bounce light around, and just like a piece of art they can be used to make a room more visually interesting.

Let’s be honest though, there is one real function when it comes to mirrors. They’re for checking yourself out. I’m talking about that backward glance at your bum as you walk out the door, that knowing look you give yourself when you’re having a great hair day, and that general “hey you” feeling when you catch a glance at yourself as you swagger past a mirror. Listen, if no one else is going to compliment you on a given day, walk past a mirror and give yourself one!

Mirrors are having a moment right now. Large round mirrors in particular. I am loving the shape and size of what’s currently available with retailers. While I’m embracing the round mirror, I’ve always been a fan of large rectangular floor mirrors too.  They make a statement in a room and really do achieve all that light bouncing and opening up of a space.  My living room is long and narrow which has brought its challenges with styling.  I’ve recently used a full length floor mirror to open up the room and it is working a treat.

Mirrors can of course be used anywhere, but I’m inclined to divide them into functional and decorative uses.  Mirrors in bathrooms and bedrooms have a tendency to be functional (which is NOT an excuse to let them look anything less than fabulous!), while mirrors in living rooms and entrance halls have a tendency to be more decorative. Wherever you decide to put them, they all offer an opportunity for you to flatter yourself, so I say go put one in every room.

I’ve rounded up some inspiration for using mirrors in entrance halls, bedrooms, bathrooms and living rooms, along with some shopping suggestions this week. Feast your eyes and think about where you can incorporate one into your home.  Then get your swagger ON!

Entrance Halls

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Living Rooms

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Wrapped Up In Books

Are you a reader? Someone who loves bookshops? Me too. I’m the person who buys ALL the books, and then doesn’t finish them.  I can have five books by my bed and only manage to get through a third of each one. Then I find new books, and move on to them. I get too curious about what the next author has to say.  So really the ideal books for me are the “dip in an out of” books. Those, I like a lot.

My most recent book purchase is one of my favourites yet.  Grace Bonney’s In The Company of Women. It’s a collection of interviews with entrepreneurial women in creative fields. Fashion designers, chefs, authors, directors, graphic designers, artists, photographers, interior designers. The list goes on. Grace’s introduction ends with this quote: “Any one of these women would inspire someone to pursue their passion, but together, they are an undeniable force.” The book is indeed an undeniable force, and there is definately an impact in reading about all these women together. What I was struck by however, was the beauty of the portraits of the women in this book, as individuals. Each so different, striking and unique.

A reading nook is the perfect setting for a “dip in and out of” book like Grace Bonney’s In the Company of Women, or an engrossing novel. With those longer evenings ahead of us you may find that extra bit of time to give to reading, so I want to share some ideas for making a reading nook in your home.

Firstly the space should be cosy and inviting, you need to be able to sit here for hours if that book gets you hooked.  Make sure the seat is comfortable and get some textiles onto the chair to keep things snug.

Pernille Teisbæk

Consider a pouf or ottoman if putting your legs up gets you into reading mode instantly.

Image: (no longer trading)

Whether flooding natural light or strong artificial light, good light is a must.


It’s always helpful to have books to hand, so think about making a bookshelf feature around your reading nook.


Reading during the longer evenings is nicely accompanied by a big glass of wine.  Get an accent table into the setting for your beverage of choice and pair it with a Diptyque candle for total escapism.


For extra bonus points, set the space up near a fire.  If your reading nook is somewhere that gets cold you will not want to hang out here for any length of time.


Don’t those spaces look inviting? Can you see yourself reading somewhere like this on autumn / winter evenings? I’ve put three reading nook looks together for you this week. Go style yours. Once you pick up that book you’ll thank yourself for making the effort. And if you’re looking for a book to start with, treat yourself to a copy of Grace Bonney’s In the Company of Women. With that book and a glass of wine in hand, you’re imagination will run wild with creative possabilities.

Blush & Gold Glamour

Chair: CB2, Table: Pottery Barn, Lamp: Target, Throw: Serena & Lily, Cushion: HD Buttercup

Modern with Graphic Prints

Lamp: DWR, Throw: HD Buttercup , Chair: West Elm, Table: CB2, Pillow: CB2

Boho Moroccan

Chair: CB2, Sheepskin Throw: Serena & Lily, Table: Target, Lamp: Target, Pouf: Serena & Lily , Cushions: Kelly Wearstler & Urban Outfitters

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